** GlobeMC Donations **

Welcome to our donation page! Here you can donate and receive various in-game rewards such as:




Rank Upgrades


Extra Town Blocks

Monster Spawners/Eggs

  • Why donate?  Our server costs money to run. Configuring the server, plugins, and managing a community takes a lot of work and our staffing team works for free.
  • Where does the money go?  Back into the server. Paying for upgrades, premium plugins, paying for artwork and advertisements, these are all things that cost us money that we would otherwise be paying out of pocket.
  • Are there any ways I can support the server without having to donate?  Informing your peers of our server, helping new players, and being friendly all benefit the server greatly.
  • How long do I keep my rank?  Forever. In the event that your rank is changed and or deleted, you will be compensated with an equivalent rank or package from the store.
  • What happens if I chargeback/refund?  Your items/Ranks will be removed, and depending on the situation, your account could be banned.